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Services avaliable

We believe every dog is entitled to the best care and specialist treatment.

Our Hydrotherpists will always be in the water which allows for better dynamic movement through therapeutic handling. Water temperature is maintained at 32 degrees and along with the water pressure aids pain management, inflammation and the mobilization of joints. Buoyancy created by the water creates a non-weight bearing, zero impact exercise ideal for injury rehab, arthritic dogs and cardiovascular fitness.

We take the time to build a relationship with your dog so that trust and confidence is formed. We use clinically enriched, therapeutic and proprioceptive techniques to create a positive and calm environment, which is key to their progress.

  • Initial assessment & treatment - total session 1.5hrs £85

  • Follow up treatments - total session 45mins £52.

Hydrotherapy is usually covered on most pet insurance policies.

Therapy Pool

Our large pool can cater for all breed types and the length allows improved dynamic movement through the water.

Our Hydrotherapists will always be in the water with your dog ensuring their safety and maximising the quality of the treatment.

In-water resting pods are used to carry out static treatment.

Our underwater camera provides a high resolution view of limb movement during swimming.

Underwater Treadmill


Our underwater treadmill is extra long allowing room for all size and breeds of dogs to carry out their treatment comfortably. The treadmill is ideal for improving muscle strength, tone and body co-ordination and aids in gait re-education.

The water depth, belt speed, incline and duration of the session can all be adjusted to create an individualised treatment plan.

Video screens are used so both you and the Hydrotherapist can view your dogs movement from all angles during the treatment.

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