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About us

At H2O we understand that it can be an anxious time for you and your pet. We support you and your dog, and together devise an individual treatment plan, whatever your dogs age, needs or condition we will strive to a positive outcome.

We specialise in canine arthritis, neurological problems, musculoskeletal injuries and post operative care. For the canine athlete and working dog, our proactive approach increase their fitness and skills specific to their role and athletic needs. We also love working with the older dog who may not be able to go on those longer walks or difficulty in getting up. With our therapeutic approach and the non weight bearing exercise we can give them the support they need.

We also work with anxious dogs who find the idea of socialising too much,  swimming provides them with great mental stimulation and exercise.

All dogs will benefit from hydrotherapy with reduced stress, increased energy, and a renewed zest for life. 

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